Monday, April 13, 2009

Gordito Burrito

The Location: Gordito Burrito, Elk Grove, CA

The Taco: Carnitas (modified) Hard Shell 3-Taco Combo

The Price: About $8, but I really don't know because Paul picked them up for me.

The Verdict: I really really really wanted to write a glowing review for these tacos. I love the Gordito Fajita Burrito but this is the first time I have branched out from my standard order at this small mexican restaurant. This is a taco blog after all, so I must order tacos!

I really enjoy carnitas. I love the pork meat and all it's wonderful flavor. Traditionally carnitas seem to be served on soft corn tortillas, which are one of my least favorite wraps of tacos! So I always have to special order a carnitas plate with a crunchy shell... and no cheese, did I forget to mention I hate cheese? My toppings of choice are simple, lettuce and pico de gallo.

The shells were great, although a tad soggy on the bottom where the meat was lying. That is to be expected as we got take out and whenever you transport a crunchy taco for 20 minutes before eating it, it's bound to get soggy. The main reason for the deduction in stars on this plate is the meat. The chunks of pork were large and somewhat dry and rough around the edges. So once you get a bite of the pork you have to stuff the whole bit into your mouth because the meat is not soft enough for your bite to cut through it. The pork definitely needed to be shredded more, or cut into smaller pieces. It wouldn't hurt to have it more moist either.

The Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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